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Health & Wellness

The 100’s health and wellness goals are to raise awareness, provide access to health care and health information that will ultimately promote behavior change resulting in a healthier lifestyle.
The organization’s Health & Wellness Committee provides leadership to the members as they establish health & wellness programs. Through civic and corporate partnerships, the 100 delivers health education programs and free health screenings in hundreds of communities annually.

Health Screenings and Health Education

The 100 of Metro New Orleans has hosted health screenings and health workshops across New Orleans. Some of the health issues addressed by the 100 include colon and prostate cancer, hypertension, diabetes, lung cancer and smoking cessation and heart disease. The 100 promotes individual screenings, provides workshops led by local experts and partners with health organizations to increase education and awareness.

Youth Movement

Youth Movement is a youth development program of the 100 Black Men of America, Inc., whose mission is to improve the overall health and well-being of youth through structured physical fitness training, wholesome food choices, character development, and mentoring. Through these activities, Youth Movement helps students improve their health, develop long-term goals, and overcome obstacles and achieve lifetime success.

Tommie Smith Youth Track Program

The 100 Black Men of the Bay Area sponsors a year-round youth track & field training program that has been embraced by the 100 Black Men of America as well as local chapters. The program is named in honor of 1968 Olympic 200m Champion, Dr. Tommie Smith.

An emphasis is made on strengthening aerobic capacity in the children participating. The 100 Black Men of Metro New Orleans plan to organize and sponsor a series of youth athletic clinics in the future, culminating with a Tommie Smith Youth Track Meet held in New Orleans.

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