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The 100 Black Men’s programs are based on a simple principle: Through sustained mentoring programs, young people realize their potential. The 100 Black Men of America trains it members, who are all volunteers, using a curriculum entitled Mentoring the 100 Way,® which stresses the long term commitment required and teaches effective and innovative mentoring concepts. Mentoring the 100 Way focuses on developing our mentees from elementary school to career.
Four For The Future TM represents the four areas in which the 100 delivers their core programmatic initiatives. These programs focus areas are designed to inspire youth, their families and members from the communities in which they live to develop self-reliance, to achieve immediate and long-term goals and to strive for excellence in the following areas:

What They See, Is What They'll Be!


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100 Black Men of Metro New Orleans

Please contact us to learn more about the organization, to partner and to participate in our programs.

Email: info@100blackmennola.org

Phone: 504-208-9337

Registered Charity: 72-1240272

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